Flowbel Screwed Flexible Connector

The flowbel screwed flexible connectors (bellows) are primarily for use in HVAC installations are the perfect solution to absorb noise and vibration transference through pipework. Helping to prevent damage and undue downtime of equipment.
Units are manufactured from spherical moulded, nylon reinforced EPDM which is engineered to offer both high isolation efficiency and noise absorbing properties whilst the full-bore design removes any issues relating to pressure drops.

  • Available in Screwed BSP Taper BS21 (ISO 7/1)
  • EPDM Body
  • Galvanised Malleable Iron Union Ends
  • Nylon Cord Fabric with Steel Reinforcement
  • Max Pressure: 16 Bar
  • Working Temperature: -20°C to + 100°C


flowbel 15mm PN16 Screwed Flexibles2002245"5.6220.70
flowbel 25mm PN16 Screwed Flexibles2002245"5.6220.90
flowbel 32mm PN16 Screwed Flexibles2002245"5.6221.15
flowbel 40mm PN16 Screwed Flexibles2002245"5.6221.40
flowbel 50mm PN16 Screwed Flexibles2002245"5.6221.65
flowbel 65mm PN16 Screwed Flexibles2452245"5.7222.25
flowbel 80mm PN16 Screwed Flexibles2452245"5.8223.25