Flowbel Tied Flanged Flexible Connector

The flowbel tied flexible connectors (bellows) are primarily for use in HVAC installations are the perfect solution to absorb noise and vibration transference through pipework. Helping to prevent damage and undue downtime of equipment.
Tied relates to whether a rubber bellows is fitted with oval flanges and restraining tie bars. Most rubber bellows are used on heating and chilled water systems. We offer an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) elastomer with a nylon reinforced body. EPDM exhibits
excellent compatibility with hot and cold water.

For sizes 25mm to 300mm both Tied and Untied Units are suitable for a maximum operating pressure of 16bar (at ambient temperature). As with any other unrestrained expansion joint, rubber bellows will extend under pressure.

• Flanged PN16 BS4504
• EPDM Body
• Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Oval Flanges
• Nylon Cord Fabric with Steel Reinforcement
• Max Pressure: 16 Bar
• Working Temperature: -20°C to + 100°C


flowbel 32mm PN16 Tied Flexibles22218414010013018-418-21215°8154.12
flowbel 40mm PN16 Tied Flexibles23219415011013018-418-21215°8153.7
flowbel 50mm PN16 Tied Flexibles24720916512513018-418-21215°8155
flowbel 65mm PN16 Tied Flexibles26722918514513018-820-21215°8156.1
flowbel 80mm PN16 Tied Flexibles28624620016013018-820-21215°8157
flowbel 100mm PN16 Tied Flexibles30626622018013018-820-21215°8158.5
flowbel 125mm PN16 TiedFlexibles33629625021013018-820-21215°81511.5
flowbel 150mm PN16 Tied Flexibles37133128524013022-820-21215°81514.4
flowbel 200mm PN16 Tied Flexibles44039334029513022-1227-21215°81520
flowbel 250mm PN16 Tied Flexibles50545840535513026-1227-21215°81526
flowbel 300mm PN16 Tied Flexibles56051346041013026-1227-21215°81532