Flowclean MAG Magnetite & Dirt Separator

The flowclean mag stainless steel removes dirt and magnetite from water systems. Sludge & dirt particles can be the cause of major problems such as pump failure, corrosion and energy loss in heating and chilled water systems. Installed on the return pipe in the system the Flowclean will eliminate all types of dirt particles from heating and chilled water systems.
Inside the body of the unit is a high-gauss magnetic rod, these two elements combined to provide a very powerful cleaning device. As the water flows through the unit the magnetite is attracted to the magnetic rod and even the smallest particles down to 5 micron are collected. Through simple & cost effective maintenance the magnetic rod can be removed.

• Smooth surfaces with Stainless Steel lead to lower friction
• Stainless will not degrade in service thanks to its excellent resistance to corrosion
• An internal stainless steel concentrator to aid removal of dirt
• All models are supplied with a ball valve for draining the collected dirt and sludge.
• High-gauss magnetic rod installed to remove all magnetite in the water system.
• Can be flushed while fully operational (no need to shut down)
• Maximum temperature 110°C.
• Max working pressure 10 bar (Tested to 21 bar)
• Longer system life (dirt elimination)
• Low-pressure drop
• Bi-directional flow