Flowmat Pressurisation Unit

The Flowmat balanced pressure expansion equipment is sized according to the total system volume and the boiler or chiller load. The Flowmat vessel is 80% efficient irrespective of the static height of the system. It is the ideal solution for large installations or tall installation where standard diaphragm expansion equipment is limited. The Flowmat is an advanced product that combines a balanced pressure system with an effective pressure step de-aerator function and an inter-link to a top up pressurisation unit.
The real-time LCD display shows the status of the mechanical components while monitoring the vessel contents and the system pressure.

• On/Off switch, with indicator neon
• Constructed with 18 Litre break tank type AB air gap with weir overflow, fluid category 5
• Electric pump, 230v 50Hz single phase
• Electronic pressure transducer
• Normally closed, common fault, volt free boiler interlock
• Normally open high pressure, low pressure, transducer health and pump health volt free contacts
• System logging
• Easy setup and commissioning
• Event logging for pump start, individual pump run hour’s counter, electrical interruption and common alarm.
• Volt free contacts for common fault, high pressure, low pressure, pump fault, pressure transducer fault.