Flowpac Compact 1F.DT CAT5 Packaged Booster Set

The flowpac Compact 1F.DT CAT5 Packaged Booster Set range, available as a single pump only with 4 standard tank sizes. All tanks have a footprint of 650mm x 650mm making the units ideal for small plant rooms. Suitable for single or multiple outlets.

• Single Pump Fixed Speed Packaged Booster Set and CAT5 Break Tank
• Quiet in operation, less than 50 decibels
• 4 standard tank sizes available*, 187 litre, 251 litre 305 litre and 375 litre Nominal
• Compact footprint, all models 650mm x 650mm
• WRAS Approved water storage tank manufactured from GRP with 25mm insulation
• WRAS Approved 3/4” High flow ball valve fitted
• Easy access through standard door
• Suitable for a 1 phase 230 volt supply only
• Low Water Level Protection
• WRAS Approved fully adjustable system pressure reducing valve fitted
• NO Volt free contacts, (please use Flowpac Compact 1F.BD range when required)
• Maximum allowable static head 12 metres