Flowpac Compact External Packaged Booster Set & Tank

The flowpac compact external range of weatherproof packaged tank and boosters sets are a space saving solution for use outdoors when plant room space is at a premium.

A fully packaged bespoke booster set and tank, each unit will be fully assembled, electrically wired, hydraulically installed and fully tested prior to dispatch to minimise the time taken on site for installation, especially important when the set is replacing an existing unit where down time must be kept to an absolute minimum so end users are not overly disrupted.

• 1, 2 or 3 pump options
• Maximum delivery pressure 5.0 bar
• Suitable for a 1 phase 230 volt supply only
• 1500 litre standard tank manufactured in GRP with 50mm insulation (other sizes available)
• AG, CAT 5 (AB) Fluid Category Protection (Available On Request)
• Fully Encapsulated Ply Base & Manway Access Hatch
• Equilibrium or Keraflo Ball Valve options
• Low Water Level Protection
• Electricals include consumer unit, MCB Panel, Bar Heater/s and Frost Thermostat
• Flowvess ACV.H Expansion vessel with 5 Year Guarantee