Flowsafe float switch with anchor weight

The flowsafe float switch with anchor weight is one of the most univerally used float switches, allowing electrical equipment to stop and start automatically when a pre-set level has been reached. When the tank empties, the float drops below this level and the pump can pump
water back in.
Ideally suited for level control on a variety of tank sizes due to it’s compact size. The float switch comes with a 5 or 10 meter cable and a balance weight. The IP68 rated waterproof switch floats on the surface. The balance weight is attached to the cable and placed into the water to set the desired control level.
The free length of the cable (between the balance weight and the switch) determines the lowest and the highest fluid level.

• Can be used for normally closed or normally open operation
• Including a 5 or 10 meter cable with a balance weight
• Rated for voltages up to a max of 400V
• Robust watertight PP housing (IP68 certified)
• Maximum depth level: 10 m
• Dimensions 81 x 131 x 41.5 mm
• Weight 154g
• Operating angle ±45º