Flowsafe AWSPV Air & Water Surge Protection Valve

The flowsafe AWSPV valve offers air, surge and vacuum protection as a custom built solution for installation at the top of a riser in a building to reduce the potential for hydraulic shock.
The unique AWSPV valve incorporates as standard, three design features to automatically protect building risers under all operating conditions, from the destructive surge and water hammer phenomena.
These features are independent of any mechanical devices ensuring reaction in a very low milli second time span.
The AWSPV valve utilises the large orifice to admit air in the riser thus preventing vacuum occurring when the booster set is down (powered off).

• Automatic Surge Protection
• 1″ BSP Connection
• Dampens effect of Water-Hammer at pump start-up
• Provides Vacuum Protection when the pump stops and the riser drains
• PN10 Rated
• Versions rated at higher pressures up to PN40 available on request.