Flowstore Enclosure

A single piece grp composite enclosure that offers a cost effective solution for the protection and concealment of a range of products including; water storage tanks, pump stations and booster sets, water treatment equipment, electrical equipment, control equipment for the water supply and waste water industry.

Features and benefits:
• One piece construction requiring no on site assembly.
• Low maintenance, durable construction.
• Lightweight, allowing easy movement and installation.
• Available in a range of external colours to allow matching with other equipment.
• Locking door with cylinder night latch.
• Stainless steel hinges.
• Available with insulation.
• Large range of configurations available.
• Externally flanged to allow fixing down to foundation.

Approvals & Certification
• Designed and built in accordance with ISO9001:2000 Quality assurance system.
• Using materials of the highest quality.

Optional fittings include:
• Louvered vents
• Tubular heater & frost stat
• 100w Bulkhead light
• Metal clad light switch
• Metal clad single socket
• 5 way consumer unit