Flowstore Two Piece Cold Water Storage Tank

A comprehensive range of two piece cold water storage tanks manufactured from GRP materials. The same configurations and capacities as the one piece tank range. Comprising an upper and lower section of equal height incorporating an external horizontal joint flange allowing the sections to be bolted together on site. All sealant and fixings for the joint flange and assembly instruction sheet are supplied with the tank. Fully encapsulated insulation to sides and lid. Close fitting and sealed lid which is removable for maintenance. Tanks storing over 1000 litres nominal have an access manway with removable lid providing a 520 x 520mm opening, allowing access for maintenance and inspection. Supplied complete with screened vent and screened overflow unit to comply with The Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations 1999.
Particularly suitable for sites with access restrictions, allowing a large tank to be carried through a doorway or similar restriction then assembled once in position.
Provides a cost saving in comparison to a sectional tank. Suitable for all cold water applications including:
• Potable & Non Potable water storage
• Process water (including process cooling) applications -15º to +30º c
Provides mains water protection from fluid category 1, 2, 3, & 4 with standard lid arrangement & fluid category 5 when raised float valve housing is fitted.
Approvals & Certification
Full WRAS approval
BS EN 13280:2001
ISO 9001:2000 Quality System
Specification – General
• Manufactured from highest quality GRP materials
• CFC free PU foam insulation is completely encapsulated within the GRP laminate
• Structural support where required is provided by rolled hollow section steel with fully welded corner jointing, which is also completely encapsulated within the GRP laminate
• The outer surface of the tank is coated with polyester gel coat to ensure tank suitability for external positioning in most extremes of weather as standard