Flowvent Clean Air & Dirt Separator

The flowvent clean air & dirt separator stainless steel removes both air and dirt from water systems. When water is heated or the pressure reduced gas microbubbles are released into the system. Microbubbles can be the cause of major problems such as pump failure, corrosion and energy loss.
As an aid to system cleaning the range has been developed to remove potentially damaging particles from both hot and chilled water systems. It is comprised of a very fine stainless steel concentrator capable of stopping debris down to 5 micron. Through simple & cost effective maintenance the dirt can be flushed away to removing all the damaging particles in the system.

The stainless steel flowvent clean is to be installed at the hottest point in the system.

• Air collects in the air chamber before being automatically vented
• Floating dirt can be removed by opening the valve situated under the air vent.
• The same valve is used for releasing air when filling the system
• Large collector ensures that flushing is only required now and then
• Can be flushed while fully operational (no need to shut down)
• Maximum temperature 110°C.
• Max working pressure 10 bar (Tested to 21 bar)
• Greatly reduced commissioning times after initial fill.
• Longer system life (air & dirt elimination)
• Low-pressure drop
• Bi-directional flow