Flowvess GFU Expansion Vessel

The flowvess GFU Flowthru range is a flow-through expansion vessel that is intended for use on unvented potable systems. Ideally suited for systems where the water stored in the tank is not circulated due to a maintained level of continuous pressure in the system. The vessel is comprised of a high strength steel shell and EPDM diaphragm.
Legionella is normally speaking only an issue in potable water systems as a result on critical systems a ‘dead leg’ connection for the expansion vessel is not permitted.
Water in the expansion vessel has to be flushed or regularly refreshed by designing the water to flow through the vessel, hence the term ‘Flow Through’ vessel.
Legionella is an issue in potable water systems with working temperatures between 25ºC and 60ºC. Outside of those temperatures Legionella doesn’t grow at a significant rate and will not give problems as long as the water is not allowed to ‘stand’ and stagnate. However because potable water systems are generally held between 55ºC and 65ºC growth and reproduction of Legionella in ‘standing’ water is a serious concern.
To combat this we have a ‘Flow Through’ vessel to ensure that the cold water supply pipe to commercial calorifiers can be protected against water expansion and the growth of microbiological organisms.

• Available in Composite or Steel
• Capacity: 60 – 325 litre
• Maximum operating temperature: 90°C (steel)
• Maximum working pressure: 8.6 bar
• Pre-charge: 1.4 bar
• System water connection (stainless steel)