Circulating Pumps

Pumps for circulating water in civil and industrial community heating and conditioning systems. Available either in single or twin head versions.

Thanks to the advanced technology employed, the permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the frequency converter, the new range of Evotron circulators ensures high efficiency in all applications, bringing appreciable benefits in terms of energy saving.

The circulator features an electronic device that detects the changes demanded by the heating system and automatically adapts circulator performance, accordingly, always ensuring optimal efficiency and minimum energy consumption.

Straightforward operation and an easy-to-read controll panel with display that shows the selected setting at each moment of operation.

Improved and optimized energy consumption overnight (Smart Sleep Function).

Supplied with a special connector that enables simple and quick electrical connections on installation and with an insulation housing kit which adds significantly reducing in heat dispersion.


Advanced Technology

Straightforward Operation

Smart Sleep Function