Flowvent Clean Air & Dirt Separators, Pipeline Products

Pipeline Products

Ensure seamless project completion with Flowtech’s complete pipeline solution. Our comprehensive range of ancillary items are available in various sizes, from Air Separators and Chemical Dosing Pots to Flexible Connectors and Surge Protection Valves.

Whether you’re working on a residential, commercial, or industrial project, our extensive pipeline products range caters to all scales and needs, offering the perfect solution for a smooth and successful project outcome.

Browse our comprehensive range of pipeline products and discover how our range can help you achieve optimal water flow, maximum efficiency, and complete peace of mind. With our diverse product range, expert support, and high quality products, our range of pipeline equipment will ensure a reliable water system that runs smoothly and efficiently

Our Pipeline Products range includes:

Flowdos Chemical Dosing Pots to feed liquid chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors into closed systems.

Flowvent Clean Air & Dirt Separators for removal of air and dirt from a heating and chilled water system through a single unit. Flowvent Clean LLH Combined Low Loss Header and Air & Dirt Separators used to create a good hydraulic balance.

Flowsafe AWSPV Valves offering air, surge and vacuum protection as a custom-built solution for installation at the top of a riser in a building to reduce the potential for hydraulic shock. Level Ball Valves with threaded ends are the ideal isolation valve, for use in steel pipe systems and with threaded adaptors for a variety of other pipe materials.

Flowbel Rubber Pump Flexible Connectors, all rubber bellows are suitable for L.T.H.W. and chilled water systems.

Flowflex Potable Water Flexible Connectors WRAS approved stainless steel flexible connectors for use on potable water systems, available screwed and flanged. Flowplate Heat Exchangers, Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanges for Industrial applications.

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