Flowboost Pro Four Pump Cold Water Booster Sets

Cold Water Booster Sets

Flowboost Cold Water Booster Sets are the perfect solution for homes and businesses with low water pressure. Our cold water booster sets are available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of any application, and they provide a significant increase in water pressure. This means you can enjoy a more comfortable shower, better water flow for your appliances, and no more problems with low water pressure.

Our Cold Water Booster Sets are available in a variety of specifications, they are easy to install, quickly giving systems a water pressure increase. Our Cold Water Booster Sets are suitable for large residential or commercial premises including schools, hospitals, and university campuses.

For most people in the UK having running clean water is taken for granted. Water companies are constantly under pressure from authorities to reduce their leakage figures. One of the ways of doing this is to reduce the supply pressure in the system. If there is less pressure, then there is less leakage. This means water pressure is subject to fluctuations and varying demand from buildings on the same mains water network. As such the demand for boosting water pressure is growing considerably in the UK in recent years.

With the introduction of mains fed appliances like combination boilers, unvented cylinders and electric showers, the importance of the main supply for both pressure and flow rate, is paramount. Knowing that you need a pressure booster is the easy bit, knowing exactly which booster set you need is a more complex.

To choose a pump set it is important to have two basic items of information:
1) How much water flow is required?
2) What pressure is required at the highest outlet?

Our teams can design and manufacture a custom solution to suit your project requirements. Contact our sales team today on 0333 200 1756 or info@flowtech.org.uk.

Cold Water Booster Set 101

We have a comprehensive range of technical guides and best practise advice available for download in our Flowzone, such as Booster Set Suction Pipework and Commissioning Pre-Start Up guides.

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Cold Water Booster Set FAQ's

A cold water booster set is essentially a pump system that increases the pressure of your incoming water supply. This is useful in situations where the main water pressure is insufficient for your needs, such as in tall buildings, large residential buildings and many other applications. If you have an upcoming project contact our team today on 0333 200 1756 or info@flowtech.org.uk.

A cold water booster set is a system used to increase the water pressure in a building’s cold water supply. It typically consists of a pump, a pressure vessel, controls, and sometimes additional components such as valves and sensors.

If you have a Flowboost Pro or Flowboost Premium Cold Water Booster Set, the units have a slow fill facility built in and this will be set to run for 10 minutes at a lower pressure, normally the static height of the building. If in doubt contact our service and maintenance team on 0333 200 1813.

It is possible to increase or decrease the setpoint of an inverter driven booster. However, we would recommend this is carried out by a Flowtech Water Solutions Service Engineer. As running a water booster outside of its capabilities, according to the pumps curve, will void the Flowtech Water Solutions warranty. If in doubt please contact our Technical Support Team today on 0333 200 1813.

In typical applications, a Cold Water Booster Set is used in large residential or business applications where the water pressure from the mains water supply is insufficient to meet the required water pressure. Cold Water Booster Sets can also be used to meet high water demand in settings where there are multiple high-demand fixtures or end users of the supply. A booster set helps to ensure consistant pressure even during peak usage times. Our expert team can design a bespoke system based on your project specification. We also provide a site survey service if required, click here to complete our booster set enquiry form and contact the team.

No, you can not connect the booster set directly to the incoming water main. The booster set must be connected to a suitable cold-water storage tank.

No, before switching on the electrical supply the pumps must be vented and be full of water. Need expert assistant? Contact our team on 0333 200 1813.

The installer must support their pipework which is connected to the suction and discharge pipework on the booster set adequately, failure to do so may cause undue stress on the manifolds and fittings and cause leaks on the booster set pipework which will not be covered by warranty.