Flowpac Compact Booster Sets

Our Flowpac Compact range of booster sets offer the maximum in space saving solutions for boosting water in large domestic and commercial premises, available with AG Air Gap for portable applications and AB Air Gap for CAT5 applications. Standard tank sizes from 600 litres designed to fit through standard doorway to 3000 litres with other sizes on application.

Every unit is completely assembled, wired and tested prior to despatch minimising the time on site for installation. This is especially important when the new set is replacing an existing unit where down time must be kept to a minimum.

We can also offer a two- or three-piece tank allowing the set to be dismantled prior to arriving on site and then taken piece by piece to the plant room and then reassembled in the room.

All Flowpac Compact Booster Sets are available in bespoke sizes and are designed to meet the requirements of the water regulations.


Potable & Category 5 Options

Compact Design

Available in 2 & 3 Piece Options