Flowstore Cold Water Storage Tanks

We have a fantastic selection of WRAS approved GRP one and two-piece water storage tanks. These innovative cold-water storage tanks are manufactured from state-of-the-art GRP materials. Low maintenance, long-lasting and highly cost-effective, these tanks are a perfect option for a wide range of cold-water storage applications. Bespoke tanks are only slightly more expensive than a standard tank of similar capacity and will certainly provide a cost saving compared to sectional tanks. Bespoke tanks are available as one piece and two piece, and can also be fitted with internal divisions, raised float valve housings and all of the other connections and ancillaries which are available. Designed to store cold water to a maximum temperature of 30ºc.

We also manufacture sectional storage tanks that are designed in a modular format which allows a comprehensive range of tank size and configuration. Comprising individual bolt-up panels which are assembled on site.

The range of GRP enclosures and housings are suitable for the protection of a number of items of industrial equipment, including our own booster sets, water storage tanks, pumps and valves in fact there is a housing to suit virtually any industrial product. Used by Gas, Water and Electricity providers & local authorities along with the Mechanical services industry and many others.


Designed to Store Cold Water to a Maximum Temperature of 30ºc

WRAS Approved GRP Materials

Bespoke Units on Request

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Flowstore One Piece Cold Water Storage Tank
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