Flowvess Expansion Vessels

Our range includes vessels for both heating systems and potable water and sizes from 2 litre all the way up to 1000 litres or more for use on commercial applications. We can supply horizontal or vertical vessels with 6 and 10 bar versions available.

Potable Expansion Vessels
Vessels for cold-water applications are long-life and ideally suited for controlling the pressure in domestic as well as industrial applications. Providing potable water at a pre-defined pressure.

Heating Expansion Vessels

The purpose of an expansion tank is to compensate for the variation in the volume of water caused by a change in temperature within the heating system.

Flowthru Expansion Vessels
The Flowthru range of tanks are ideally suited for systems where the stored water in the tank is not circulated due to a maintained level of pressure in the system.
Complete with a Flowthru connection diverts system water into and, more importantly, out of the tank while the pump is running. This constant flushing action assures that the water in the tank remains as fresh as possible and eliminates the possibility of stagnant water during normal system operations.


Vertical and Horizontal Options

Heating or Potable Applications

Flowthru Technology Available

Flowvess CHP-V Expansion Vessel
Flowvess GFU Expansion Vessel
Flowvess HWF-V Expansion Vessel
Flowvess HWG-V Expansion Vessel
Flowvess HWH-V Expansion Vessel
Flowvess HWR-V Expansion Vessel
Flowvess PWF-H Horizontal Expansion Vessel
Flowvess PWF-V Expansion Vessel
Flowvess PWP Expansion Vessel
Flowvess PWR Expansion Vessel